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NOISE EXPOSURE ASSESSMENTS are conducted by our Industrial Hygienist onsite at your facility throughout the full duration of the work shift. Noise dosimetry samples are taken along with sound level meter readings to determine personal noise exposure levels as well as ambient background and peak sound levels. This data is then analyzed, reported and signed off by our field hygienist, our environmental coordinator as well as our senior hygiene consultant. All results are audits for strict OH&S compliance.

Under the Alberta OH&S Code Part 16, employers are required to perform a noise assessment if noise levels exceed an average of 85 decibels over an 8-hour shift.

Reference: https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/543371ee-013b-4a94-9a34-52fae25774be/resource/3f38702a-7730-4161-8b59-1f94c6a15779/download/whs-pub-hs003.pdf

For more information regarding noise exposure assessments or other services pertaining to hearing conservation, please call +1 (587) 597-8378 .

Health And Safety Training Alberta

AUDIOMETRIC HEARING TESTING is conducted by our Hearing Instrument Specialists or Certified Audiometric Technicians onsite in our mobile testing trailer or van that can accommodate 2-4 clients every 15 minutes. Following the testing, counselling regarding the test is provided as well as a copy of the test record in the form of a card.

A summary of all the results are also provided to the company Designated Employee Representative(DER) for the purposes of managing the hearing conservation program.

For more information regarding audiometric hearing tests, noise exposure assessments or custom molded ear plugs, please call (587) 597-8378.

Reference: Alberta OH&S Code Part 16 – Noise Exposure

Noise at the Worksite: https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/543371ee-013b-4a94-9a34-52fae25774be/resource/3f38702a-7730-4161-8b59-1f94c6a15779/download/whs-pub-hs003.pdf

Health And Safety Training Alberta

CUSTOM EARPLUGS are fit onsite by our Hearing Instrument Specialists or Nurses. Thorough otoscopy is performed prior to any impression taking to rule out pathologies or infection that may make the impression taking process contraindicated. While taking the impressions, extreme care is also practiced along with sterile procedures in order to prevent the risk of infection.

There are many styles of earplugs that we offer and colors as well. The standard silicone colors can be seen above in the picture with a set of clear plugs. Color swirls and 2 separate colors can also be requested to customize the choices more. A red plug on the right and a blue on the left is an example to make finding the correct side easier.

The most common types of products that we offer are Adjustable Class B Filtered and CommEar Custom Plugs that can hook to radio for industrial use. For general clients, swimmers, sleepers, and Bluetooth headsets are the preferred choice. For hunters and motorcycle enthusiasts, we also have plugs with built-in speakers and communication options.

In terms of warranties, all new products come with a 90 day Fit Guarantee and depending on the product, also come with a 3-year warranty on electronics and wires which is the best in the industry!

For more information regarding custom earplugs or other services pertaining to hearing conservation, please call (587) 597-8378.

At Safety Nation HSE, we try our best to work with employers and employees in order to prevent noise-induced hearing loss, but there are factors that still persist in affecting hearing, and contributing to hearing loss. A few factors are age, use of ototoxic drugs, and overexposure to occupational and recreational noise.

When hearing loss occurs, our registered hearing professionals are there to help. Using the most advanced technology, we can treat a variety of hearing conditions and often provide direct billing. If you have noticed a change in your hearing, please give us a call today.

When we examine the elements of an effective noise management program, education is a key component to its success. In helping to provide the necessary training for employers and employees, please see the approved courses below:

Hearing Conservation (OSHA)

Hearing Protection Training

For more information, please contact us at (587) 597-8378.


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