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At Safety Nation Hse HSE, we take your health and safety very seriously and offer the most comprehensive services in the industry.

In order to safeguard your vision health, we offer many services that can help optimize visual acuity in the workplace. An example is illumination surveys, here we examine lighting in your workplace and compare the results to standards set by the Canadian Government and The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America(IESNA). Since lighting greatly affects vision and the ability to see clearly, if it is not adequate, it can cause a variety of symptoms such as eye strain, headaches, and create safety hazards.

ILLUMINATION SURVEYS are conducted by an Industrial Hygienist in order to assess if lighting is adequate and meets government standards. Using a light meter, a specific area is mapped out in a grid and light measurements are taken and recorded in Lux.

Depending on the area, acceptable ranges can be determined. As a general standard, lighting measured between 500-1000 lux when measured at 30 inches above the floor is considered adequate.

For more information regarding Illumination Surveys or other services pertaining to vision health, please call (587) 597-8378.

CUSTOM PRESCRIPTION SAFETY GLASSES are available in many styles and brands such as WILEY X, armouRx, Transitions, and ONGUARD. The fitting is performed by a Licensed Optician and covered by most private insurance plans.

All glasses have a 1 month vision guarantee and come with a comprehensive warranty on the frames.

For more information regarding this service or other services pertaining to vision health, please call (587) 597-8378.


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