Substance Abuse Services

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Occupational testing

EBT Breath Alcohol Testing

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Health And Safety Training Alberta

DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING is performed by our laboratory technicians onsite and in our clinic using FDA-approved testing kits and DOT Approved EBT’s. Utilizing strict protocols, lab specimens are obtained at the highest quality to assure accuracy and prevent cross-contamination.

All results are reviewed by our Medical Review Officer(MRO) who is a physician specially trained in substance abuse.

For more information regarding Pre-Employment Medicals and our Substance Abuse Program, please call (587) 597-8378.

Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Post-Incident and Reasonable Cause 24 Hour Testing

Medical Review Office(MRO) Consultations

Smoking Cessation and Addiction Laser Treatments

Addictions Counselling Services

Home Drug Screening Test Kits

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Online Courses


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