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Due to occupational hazards in the workplace, many employees suffer from ill health or risk of injury. However, many mishaps can be prevented by implementing a robust health and safety program to control and monitor diverse working environments. Consequently, at SAFETY NATION HSE, we provide quality resources that help clients interpret the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Code and understand their responsibilities as employers.

Through our online portal, clients can learn about fully integrated industrial hygiene, health surveillance, and how to benefit from a safety service provider. Besides, they can save up to fifty percent on rental services and custom products without sacrificing health and safety.

Our products include custom-molded earplugs, and assistive listening devices, while our services include occupational testing, noise exposure assessments, baseline and periodic audiometric testing, and online hearing conservation courses. Please keep reading to learn more about our services and the processes that bring them all together.

Our Services

1. Industrial hygiene risk assessment
We identify and evaluate the environmental hazards in the workplace to eliminate or control employee occupational exposure and prevent illness.

2. Health surveillance
We quantify the effectiveness of clients’ health and safety programs using biological data. It helps determine if adjustments need to be made to policies to protect employees’ health.

3. Industrial hygiene environmental monitoring
We perform industrial hygiene monitoring, which varies from one industry to another. It includes air quality assessments, noise assessments, hearing tests, chest x-rays, and blood testing for mercury and lead. The analysis is conducted pre and post-projects.

4. Quantitative fit testing
We use appropriate tests to evaluate if a respirator is fitted correctly. Our assessments can measure any leakage from the mask, which will ensure that the wearer is not inhaling dangerous substances, including infectious particles and chemicals.

5. Premium custom safety products
Our health and safety products include convertible Comm earplugs, convertible filtered plugs, and solid earplugs.

Our Process

a. Consultation services
We provide consultation and all the services required to help employers comply with existing OH&S Orders so that they can get back to work and stay on track in the future.

2. Responsibility clarification
We empower clients to understand their responsibilities as employers and assist in developing procedures that meet current safety standards. It raises the image of companies and ensures that they achieve health and safety goals.

3. Supply documentation 
We supply all the documentation to assist clients to better understand their employee health results and make appropriate recommendations when needed. With a fully integrated medical team, we can also provide screening, diagnostic care, and treatment.

For more details about our health and safety services, reach out to SAFETY NATION HSE in St. Albert, Alberta. We were established in 2015 with a mission to work together with employers to make the world a safer place. Our registered and certified professionals comprise physicians, nurses, industrial hygienists, hearing specialists, and environmentalists. We also employ safety professionals, lab technicians, and physical therapists.

They work seamlessly to create the most comprehensive HSE programs, which include online health and safety training certification courses and safety product sales across Canada.

Our experienced team reaches out to Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Calgary, and Edmonton. We also serve clients in Fort Saskatchewan, Grand Prairie, Fort McMurray, Bonnyville, Whitecourt, Canmore, High Level, and the surrounding areas.

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