The “Flu” That Changed The World

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People struggled to get the assistance they needed through the pandemic because of the rules and regulations the authorities were putting down. With the new rules that they implemented, people had to stay indoors for the most part. Companies were getting onboard to new processes that were now talking about remote working and virtual meetings. The changes at some points made it challenging to meet the same level of output and productivity. 

Concerning our work, we were fortunate during the pandemic because we work with services directly connected to assisting and helping people who made the entire process easier. However, new rules, with their constant changes, were making the process a little challenging, but we were improving and getting better. We needed permissions to move around during the lockdown, and we were working on keeping that in place.

We hope that things start getting better immediately, and we want them to go the way they were. If we were to predict what would happen over the next couple of months, we foresee companies beginning to get back to normal. With the economy opening, we anticipate it will only get busier as health and safety in the workplace become more of a priority.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted everything within almost all industries, especially the travel and hospitality sector. However, our company thrived due to the new mandated health regulations imposed on our clients, who were thankful that we were there to help them stay open during these difficult times.

The first couple of days of the pandemic were quite challenging because we were unsure about everything that was happening, the remote working rules, the social distancing, and we had to shut shop for a few days. We, fortunately, extended our hours in the months that followed and made ourselves available to clients 24 hours a day, helping to answer any questions they have and offering assistance when needed. Our correspondence included calls and informational emails updating them on new developments to stay ahead of the curve. 

While we could stick to the work timing, we had to change the places where we were working from. Currently, we are still consulting on-site as this is a requirement for testing, but if possible, we work remotely or away from others to reduce the risk of infection and practice social distancing. We try our best to get as much done remotely as possible, but there are many challenges. As a consultant, I often work remotely, so this is not a new change for me. However, I can imagine it may be difficult for others working from home as there are many distractors there, making it difficult to work efficiently. However, for a team, it can be challenging with productivity and deadlines.

Our company primarily works onsite, where we perform tests. In this situation, generally, only the practitioner and client are present at any given time. Even here, if possible, social distancing is practiced. We make everyone follow as many of the rules as possible, and we try to maintain the required distance among other things.

However, when we work in person, being an industrial hygiene company, we adhere to the most strict precautions to prevent infection. To begin with, all of our staff have had at least one, if not two COVID vaccine doses. We also wear full PPE suits, including masks, goggles or face shields, protective clothing, and gloves. We also limit numbers to one staff member and client and thoroughly disinfect all materials that get in contact with clients with hospital-grade disinfectants.

When it comes to the information we have to pass around, we ensure that everyone we are dealing with is protected. We have always utilized confidential faxes and emails to secure information. Additionally, we communicate over call, text, or Whatsapp. When we have to have a video call, we often meet on Zoom or RingCentral. We are open to making changes to the process to match the requirements of our clients. We still have in-person meetings when required if a walk-through assessment of a workplace is needed. Other than this, all meetings are held virtually. We also like taking part in virtual public events and business Expos as and when they come our way.

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