Industrial Hygiene Risk Assessments

SAFETY PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT is conducted by our Safety Professionals and Industrial Hygienists to ensure that all regulatory requirements are being met. We work closely with you to understand your company fully so that we can develop the best program that works for you.

Common elements of a health and safety program may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Company Health and Safety Policy
  • Workplace Hazard Assessment and Control
  • Safe Work Practices – Safe Job Procedures
  • Company Rules and Policies
  • Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) Policies
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Training and Communications
  • Inspections – Investigations and Reporting
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Records and Statistics
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Working Alone Policy
  • Lock Out / Tag Out Policy

Depending on the nature of your business, many other policies may be developed to ensure the safety of your employees and meet OH&S compliance.

For more information regarding Safety Program Development or COR Audits, please call  (587) 597-8378

Accident Investigation

EXTERNAL COR AND SECOR SAFETY AUDITS are performed by our Certified COR Auditors onsite at your facility every three years and require that you have the sufficient documentation to prove program maintenance, as well as passing grades in the internal COR audits in the previous two years.

The criteria for renewing a COR are the same as for issuing a COR. You must get an audit score of at least 80% overall, and a minimum score of 50% in all the audit elements.


ONLINE HSE AUDITING SOFTWARE  is available to help you manage your safety program and ensure you are maintaining standards as you prepare for the external audit. Using our proprietary software, all of your records will be stores in one place and our intuitive system will remind you of upcoming action items that need attention. It will also create instant reports and even help you with toolbox talks. Finally, there is a safety management tool designed for simplicity. Call for more information and a free demo today!

For more information regarding COR and SECOR Audits or our Auditing Software, please call   (587) 597-8378.


Accident Investigation

Onsite Safety Inspections

Emergency Response Planning

Onsite Safety Personnel

Accident Investigation

CUSTOM PRESCRIPTION SAFETY GLASSES are available in many styles and brands such as WILEY X, armouRx, Transitions, and ONGUARD. The fitting is performed by a Licensed Optician and covered by most private insurance plans.

All glasses have a 1 month vision guarantee and come with a comprehensive warranty on the frames.


CUSTOM EARPLUGS are fit onsite by our Hearing Instrument Specialists or Nurses. Thorough otoscopy is performed prior to any impression taking to rule out pathologies or infection that may make the impression taking process contraindicated. While taking the impressions, extreme care is also practiced along with sterile procedures in order to prevent the risk of infection.

There are many styles of earplugs that we offer and colors as well. The standard silicone colors can be seen above in the picture with a set of clear plugs. Color swirls and 2 separate colors can also be requested to customize the choices more. A red plug on the right and a blue on the left is an example to make finding the correct side easier.

The most common types of products that we offer are Adjustable Class B Filtered and CommEar Custom Plugs that can hook to radio for industrial use. For general clients, swimmers, sleepers, and Bluetooth headsets are the preferred choice. For hunters and motorcycle enthusiasts, we also have plugs with built-in speakers and communication options.

In terms of warranties, all new products come with a 90 day Fit Guarantee and depending on the product, also come with a 3-year warranty on electronics and wires which is the best in the industry!

For more information regarding safety glasses & custom earplugs or other services pertaining to hearing conservation, please call (587) 597-8378.


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