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Pulmonary function testing is then used to quantify the effectiveness of your Respiratory Health Program, and ensure that the health of your employees is being maintained from year to year.

Lastly, and most importantly, if the pulmonary function testing results show any signs of abnormality, then clients are referred by our Physician for x-ray testing as a follow-up for medical clearance.

CHEST X-RAYS are required as part of a medical follow-up if pulmonary function testing is abnormal or if an employee is exposed to potential air-borne hazards in the workplace.

Depending on the results of the x-ray and the symptoms that the employee is experiencing, a consult with our Physician specializing in Occupational Medicine may also be indicated.

If treatment is required, the Physician will then make any necessary referrals so that the employee can return to health as soon as possible.

For more information regarding chest x-rays or other services pertaining to respiratory health, please call (587) 597-8378.

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